Heidi Serwer

Singer-songwriter sprouted in Detroit and rooted in Chicago.

Folk singer-songwriter based in Chicago, Illinois.

A longtime performer at fundraisers, open mics and parties, Heidi Serwer began writing songs a few years ago, and the results were startling: instantly memorable melodies, keenly observed situations and a big-hearted approach to her characters and subjects. She combined this innate songwriting knack with her sweet singing and nimble guitar playing to debut her fresh-sounding EP, Stranger, in 2014.

This five-song EP takes you from the heavenly harmonies of the gently rolling “Alone” through the Jayhawks-like crunch of “Hold On To You” to the hypnotic swirl of the closing “Who Am I,” with Serwer’s warm presence carrying you through.

Heidi’s second EP, “Let’s Talk Awhile", was released in June, 2018.

Heidi collaborates with a variety of friends and local musicians, but you can most often find her performing with her good friend and musical partner, Karen Salmon, a Chicago-based folk singer-songwriter.  Together they founded their band, Things That Fly.  


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